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Format war over, HD-DVD wins by way of pornography appearing on it first.​ Over in Japan GLAY'z, known for its "Brand-new-century-visual-super-exprotion-entertainment," just released the world's first adult film on HD-DVD entitled (if machine translation isn't too unreliable.

Like consumers, the adult film industry has a choice to make when it comes to HD DVD and Blu-ray, the two formats vying to be the successor.

HD-DVD is taking an early lead over Blu-ray Disc in the battle to replace DVDs due in part to early backing by the adult film industry.

Reports are coming in that the adult-film biz may get behind HD DVD instead of Blu-ray, in the upgrade to high-definition DVD production.

Adult movie makers are lining up behind HD DVD after resistance to their content on Blu-ray Disc.