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17 Things Kids Said To Adults That Are Hilariously Weird funny things adults do

Make their bed; Own a pet or a child; Have a stress-free conversation with the mechanic; Have more than one set of sheets; sAvInGs aCcOuNt.

Adulthood is a funny thing. Many of the things you hated as children you eventually come to love and appreciate as an adult. Here are

Mar 30, Explore patriciakirana1's board "Funny things adults say" on (Fill)to easy day, (fill) rough day, (fill) dont even ask Hand wash only do not soak.

From dancing alone while eating to writing long angry emails to your relatives that you never sent, here are the 50 funny things most of us do.

17 Adults Who Almost Definitely Regret Talking To Kids We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the funniest, most out-there thing a kid has said to an adult, and let me tell you, friends — they did not disappoint.