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Did Belle Delphine Get Arrested? pee in bathwater

Learn more about if it's OK to pee in the shower. (You should read this if your bathtub almost doubles as a toilet.).

Scenario - Bath water running for 1yr old and 5 year old's bath. naked a towel so she (hopefully) pees before being put in bath (good tactic.

Come on, you can admit it. You've totally peed in the shower before. It's not something that usually comes up in dinner conversation, but we've.

Provided you are in good health and you're not having a bath while you pee in bathtub and instead you're having a shower, then most of the time it's ok.

At some point, the kid is going to go #1 or #2 in the tub. When it happens, remember to relax. It's not that big a deal after all.