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Ephedrine from livestock mineral blocks? , Hive Stimulants salt lick containing ephedrine

According to the recipe, ephedrine could be obtained by sending a volt current through a bucket containing a livestock mineral block.

Some people caled them "medicated" salt licks? I never even seen a normal salt lick? . And they do contain % pheseudoephedrine.

How do you extract ephedrine from salt lick? how do you seperate ephedrine from a salt block. With these How extract ephedrine from medicated salt block.

There is a large illegal trade in veterinary ephedrine medicated salt blocks.. For livestock, a medicated salt block may contain iodine. April

The act regulates the packaging, display, and sale of pseudoephedrine,. mineral blocks including salt licks do not contain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine;. and.