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Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves adult breastfeeding (lactation). All sexually active characters.

Have many fathers here tried breast milk? Adult Nursing for Married Couples Wife Breast Feeding - After our first baby girl was born, for the first three weeks.

It was the story of a midwife breastfeeding a close male friend who was We entered what is known in its circles as an ANR, or Adult Nursing.

Breastfeeding My Pilots - An Erotic Story book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Caught out of town on an unexpected layove.

A Collection of 10 Lactation Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. Attraction of Milk 2. Cow of Dairy Farm 3. Lift of Milking 4. Cream of Surprise 5.