Shirtless Superheroes: Naked Batman in Batman: Damned #1, Uncensored - batman and naked


Here's the Uncensored Panel Featuring a Very Naked Batman (Photo) batman and naked

Batman's newest comic has proven how mature it's going to be in just the first issue, with full-frontal Bruce Wayne nudity.​ The promise of Black Label was instantly obvious, but excitement swelled further with word that Batman: Damned would launch the new imprint.

The first issue of “Batman: Damned,” a limited series from writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermej, features a very naked Batman/Bruce.

But that changed this week as DC Comics exposed Batman’s Batmember to the world for the first time ever — and then hastily decided to take it away.​ The shot is presented in shadow, but it’s nonetheless clear what we’re seeing: the first-ever exposure of Batman’s manhood.

By now, you've probably heard at least a little giggling about DC's latest PR kerfuffle. Mainstream publications like the Guardian have picked up.

Here's the infamous first appearance (and unfortunately, probably final) of the Bat​-Dick from Batman: Damned #1 (first printing). This is a.