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Chippendales is a touring dance troupe best known for its male striptease performances and for its dancers' distinctive upper body costume of a bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs worn on an otherwise bare torso. Established in , Chippendales was the first all-male stripping troupe to.

Chip n Dale Dancers at Wildwood on the Water. by sellersa Male Chip and Dale stripper go crazy on Mexican GrandMa. by Raul Bernal.

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There is a Disney cartoon called Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers (or Chip 'n' Dale​: Rescue Rangers) about Also, Chip and Dale had names long before Rescue Rangers, as RealityChuck pointed out. . Stripping.

Hey girl bet there's a lot about the Chippendales that you don't know. Here's a little taste of their delicious history and some cool facts about how they came to.