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The Catholic church, however, has been wriggling on a particularly dogmatic hook for 42 years, stuck with a doctrine that many of its adherents.

Catholic church tries to clear confusion over condom use Shares. 3. 3. Pope Benedict XVI leads a consistory in The Vatican today paved the way for the widespread use of condoms by Catholics, stirring impassioned.

Pope Francis has struck a blow for “reform” within the Catholic Church by weighing in on the side of the progressives against the traditionalists in a “condom row” involving the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.​ Both the order and the Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis had.

Did the Pope did not just give Catholics the go-ahead on condoms? Speaking to reporters aboard a Vatican plane after a five-day trip to Mexico.

Condoms may sometimes be justified to stop the spread of AIDS, Pope Benedict has said in a new book by German Peter Seewald. He said the.