Social Penetration Theory and Social Exchange Theory | Case Study Template - case study of social penetration


(PDF) Liquid Love, Facebook and Friendship: a case study | Kostas Gogalis - case study of social penetration

This is an example of the social penetration theory. Using this theory, I will show how it demonstrates elements of expectations and misunderstandings.

This paper is making a comparative analysis of Social Penetration Theory and Social Exchange Theory. In this approach the basic purpose is to see through the​.

Social penetration theory (Altman and Taylor, ) is one of the frameworks used , full affective relationship stage).2 Also, few studies have investigated the cases involved disclosive behavior to a same-sex best friend​. The results.

The purpose of this research is to extend Social Penetration Theory Three studies were conducted to assess SPT in relation to communication online. on up to 10 members for each participant for a total of 3, cases.

The social penetration theory (SPT) proposes that, as relationships develop, interpersonal .. In cases like this, there is depth without much breadth. . The survey results indicates that more breadth of topics occurs in penetration process in.