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15 Reasons Most Men Are Attracted To Breastfeeders | BabyGaga man looks at woman breast feeding

Men took to secret-sharing website Whisper to reveal what they really think about women nursing their children. The majority were supportive.

My assumption was that breastfeeding would be fairly simple. My adolescent dream was for a beautiful woman to hang around my house with her boobs out. I often looked at Mel, snuggling with Aspen as she fed her, and got really jealous​.

Fortunately, it's becoming more acceptable for women to breastfeed in public. How to Look at the Men Looking at Your Breastfeeding Wife.

We're talking about a man viewing a woman breastfeeding her baby, and . It's true that lactating breasts are indeed a look-don't-touch beauty.

Curious, I looked up the ad in question to see how flagrant a bit of lactivism . I can easily understand how secular men can find breastfeeding.