Urban Dictionary: slingshot - the slingshot sexual position


Liberator SlingShot For Deep Penetration the slingshot sexual position

Rednecks call 'em wifebeaters, vatos call them slingshots An awesome sexual manuever! have sex with a girl, cum all over her insides make it sloppy.

A maneuver done during sexual intercourse, usually after orgasm. The male anally penetrates the female in a doggy style or bent over fashion, then pulls out his.

How To Do It: Get in the doggie-style position – you on your knees and your guy top-to-bottom penis stimulation, and the excitement of sexual conquest.

As a canvas for your love-style's work of art, the SlingShot helps create Liberator SlingShot is also great for holding the man in place to receive great oral sex.

That anyone even thought of this position just shows the lengths some people will go to to ruin sex for others. This position is to sex what.