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If You Hate The New Gmail, Here's A Much Better Alternative If you're in the hater camp, perhaps it's time for you to recognize a truth that I've known for some time: That Gmail sucks, and the Google Inbox [Image: Google].

Is it just me or does everyone else notice google is garbage now? Like really bad​. I used to search whole questions and phrases and it was great because I.

Oh look, an alternate history where living literally anywhere sucks dick. u/​Dick_Size_Inquirer r/mayflowerschools.info2du/SpookjaxImage. The Fate of America.

Words to replace 'that sucks' in your vocabulary. You might think this was the worst search, but since it resulted in wart images instead of wort images, it really​.

Using WebP images can yield substantially lower file sizes for your any type of visual media, and a great alternative format to both PNG or JPEG. . It sucks, sure, but that's just the way front end development is, so buck up.