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As a gay African, with a background in analytic philosophy, the most annoying opposition to my sexual orientation is the claim that my lifestyle is un-African.​ The linguistic markers that draw attention to same-sex attraction – "faggot", "gay", "homosexual", etc – may be.

toward homosexuality in and in relation to contemporary queer theory. . Embarrassment was also the term invoked to talk about homosexuality in

Consequently, they may absorb and internalize the family's shame and embarrassment for being homosexual. As discussed in earlier chapters, homosexuals.

People in the LGBT community, through the combination of low self-esteem and from low self-esteem to depression and self-harm, including embarrassment.

Homosexuality in Indonesia is generally considered a taboo subject by both Indonesian civil In Indonesian culture the concept of malu (shame/​embarrassment or 'losing face') is prevalent. Indonesian people are generally tolerant towards.