How guys should shave their pubic hair - gay guys shaving


Gay Men and Body Hair - To Shave Or Not To Shave? gay guys shaving

Grooming your body hair doesn't make you gay, it makes you a man that guys whose skin was completely smooth because of their shaving.

So men have been shaving more than just their chins for a while now As with many trends, what was first popular in the gay community is.

We asked the opposite sex your burning questions about where guys should trim, shave and the rest, so you don't have to. You can find their answers and.

So why do some gay guys shave their bodies? As is the case with professional body builders, some guys shave because they think it makes.

Although shaving off all your pubes started as a gay thing, it's now primarily straight guys who are doing it. John Marsh, the owner of gay porn.