Pinching a girl’s bottom was the norm in s, Dave Lee Travis trial told - Telegraph - bottom pinching


Is bottom-pinching still 'indecent' by today's community standards? bottom pinching

In a recent court case in Western Australia, Magistrate Michelle Ridley ruled that “in an era of twerking” and easy access to pornography, it was not an indecent assault when a police officer pinched a woman’s backside.​ In December , year-old police officer of 17 years.

Photo: Has pinching a person's backside lost its overtly sexual connotation Related Story: 'Twerking era bottom pinching isn't overtly sexual'.

Bum pinching in the name of gender equality in the s.

Yes, men, bottom-pinching IS sexual assault - and cat-calling offends us, too: Why it's time to stamp out everyday sexism and stop telling.

Around 20 years ago, I went to see David Mamet's play Oleanna at the Royal Court Theatre in London. It was causing controversy, first because.