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Postterm pregnancy is when a woman has not yet delivered her baby after 42 weeks of gestation, two weeks beyond the typical 40 week duration of pregnancy. Post-mature births carry risks for both the mother and the baby, including.

A pregnancy that lasts more than 42 weeks is called post-term. A pregnancy that is between 41 and 42 weeks is called late-term. Most women deliver between.

Postmaturity is more likely to happen when a mother has had a post-term pregnancy before. After one post-term pregnancy, the risk of a second post-term birth.

Although pregnancy is said to last nine months, health care Large body size — Postterm fetuses usually continue to grow after the due date.

Post term pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of fetal and neonatal mortality and morbidity (Olesen et al., a;b) as well as an increased.