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Human Trafficking & Sex Trade Films. A thriller about trafficking, governmental deportation and the sex slave trade in Melbourne. Director.

In a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, two rival prostitutes held against their will join forces to help a 9 year-old girl escape her future as a child sex slave.

The sex-slave trade came about because of several factors. in “Free, Indentured, Enslaved: Chinese Prostitutes in 19th Century America,” an.

Those who think that commercial sex in this country is invariably voluntary — and especially men who pay for sex — should listen to her story.

who are victims of human trafficking at any one time, 80% of whom are being exploited as sexual slaves. “When I came out of it [the sex trade] I couldn't speak to anyone,” Megan says. . A prostitute seen on a street from a car window She is in therapy and has been alcohol-free for seven months.