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is an introduced erect perennial herb, growing on.

Symphytum officinale is a perennial flowering plant in the family Boraginaceae. Along with thirty four other species of Symphytum, it is known as comfrey. To differentiate it from other members of the genus Symphytum, this species hairy broad leaves that bears small bell-shaped flowers of various colours, typically cream.

Genus: Symphytum. Species: S. tuberosum. Binomial name. Symphytum tuberosum. L. Symphytum tuberosum, the tuberous comfrey, is a species of Symphytum in the Boraginaceae Both the stems and leaves are softly hairy, the leaves have deep veining. The flowers themselves are a subtle pale creamy yellow.

Comfrey is an introduced erect perennial herb, growing on hairy winged Leaves decrease in size up the stem the very upper leaves may be stalkless. The genus Symphytum is from the two Greek words - symphyo, meaning 'make to grow.

Photos and information about Minnesota flora - Common Comfrey: clusters of ½-​inch Genus: Symphytum Leaves are basal, alternate on the lower stem and may be opposite in the upper plant, 2 to 10 inches long, ¾ to 4 inches wide, lance​-elliptic to egg-shaped, toothless, bristly hairy, tapering to a pointed tip and.