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A former prostitute attempts to assimilate in suburbia after fleeing her pimp. Shortly before her wedding, she finds out that her philanthropic fiance is involved in perversion.

The Naked Kiss is a American neo-noir melodrama film, written and directed by Samuel Fuller and starring Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Michael.

Kelly, a prostitute, traumatised by an experience, referred to as 'The Naked Kiss,' by psychiatrists, leaves her past, and finds solace in the town of Grantville.

Kelly, is a feminist who takes on the causes of abused women and disabled children. Originally a prostitute, she flees from the city to a small town where she​.

The setup is pure pulp: A former prostitute (a crackerjack Constance Towers) relocates to a buttoned-down suburb, determined to fit in with mainstream society​.