- toiletstool bikini pad


toiletstool bikini pad

I still had things to get, so I went into the changing rooms in the clothes department and put a maxi pad in my swimsuit just to catch the wet farts I was giving off.

(American football; the kind they play in helmets and pads.) .. I was wearing the last bathing suit I had with me, a two piece boy leg bikini set, crimson red in.

The bikini was very showy--even for a bikini--exposing most of her breasts, and .. feeling now that I had to wear a maxi pad with my pants loaded with diarrhea.

Luckily I was wearing a pad in my white satin hipster panties, but it was just a regular .. I ended up having a really soft diarrhea poop in my bikini panties in the.

So I put the pad in the crotch of my diarrhea filled panties and pulled I ended up going in my pink bikini bottoms right in one of the line-ups.