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It’s natural for a parent to worry about their child becoming a victim of sexual abuse.​ But what’s less well-known is that juveniles are the offenders in 23 percent of reported cases of child sexual abuse.​ What if that juvenile sex offender is your kid?

Children and teens who engage in sexual behavior are at greater risk for emotional problems, pregnancy, dating violence, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Over , people in 39 states are currently on sex offender registries for crimes they committed as children.​ Once children are labeled as sex offenders, they carry that label throughout their lives, even if they are removed from the registry later.​ In , we successfully.

I spent four years working with juvenile sex offenders. Anne Marie They were teenagers, for the most part immature, awkward and nerdy.

characteristics of the juvenile sex offender population coming . ent offender types: teenage sex offenders 14, involving an identified juvenile sex offender.